Cover the Mirrors Cover the Mirrors (2020)

类型:美国 悬疑
导演:Aaron J. Davis
演员:Normeka Ageous Genevieve Alleyne Patrick Cox Kerseh Dahn Leontine White Foster Donald D. King Jr. Davon Moore Rhea Peters Matthew Phillips Rex Puckett Anita Schwarz Byron Sonnier Christopher Spotts Garland Spotts Danzel Square
介绍:Aaron, Kimberly, and Malcolm all grew up together from the age of seven years old. Aaron and Kim married, while Malcolm was still a best friend until he got fired from CMS writing firm. Malcolm then became more envious of Aaron's life, having a successful writing career and a beautiful wife. Malcolm goes behind Aaron's back and rapes Kim in front of the Mirrors - but the Mirrors tell all.