Love Under the Olive Tree Love Under the Olive Tree (2020)


类型:加拿大 爱情 剧情
演员:托莉·安德森 本·霍灵斯沃斯 Gardiner Millar 赫罗斯加·马修斯 Laura Drummond 杰瑞·瓦塞尔曼 Barry W. Levy Robyn Bradley 肖恩·罗伯茨 安德鲁·邓巴 Amanda May 琼·B·王尔德 马克-安东尼·马西亚 凯伦·霍尔尼斯 Isis Wright
介绍:Cabella Oil and Brandini's have been competing oil ranches for decades. However, it wasn't always this way. Founders Raphael Brandini and Frank Cabella once worked harmoniously together, until their relationship fractured, causing them to split their joint ranch into two. Feisty and competitive heir to homegrown operated Cabella Oil, Nicole Cabella is determined to prove she's ready to take the reins of her family's business. And she's all set to initiate a renovation plan that will allow her to expand Cabella to the next level. All set, until Jake Brandini re-appears in Sunset Valley, that is. Corporate attorney Jake is sidetracked from his day-job when he's called back to the juggernaut Brandini ranch due to a family emergency. While there, Jake identifies a land dispute at the border between the Cabella and Brandini properties. Having been neglectful to his own family company, he decides to win back the land for them. In doing so, he re-ignites the rivalry between both factions, as Nicole refuses to concede to his claim on the land. Instead of pursuing a long and costly court battle, the local Sunset Valley judge proposes an unconventional manner of deciding the land's ownership: whichever ranch wins the annual Sunset Valley Olive Oil Competition wins the land. The Brandini's have won three consecutive years, so Jake is confident in accepting the challenge, though he personally has no experience manufacturing oil. On the other hand, Nicole has oil in her blood, but she'll have to conquer her own self-doubt if she wants to be victorious. As Jake and Nicole work towards creating their respective olive oil submissions, while enjoying the annual Fall Festival as they do, they discover they may have more in common than they realized - and sparks begin to fly.